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    hi guys, on a 24 month contract and noticed it should be £25 (with a £5 off for 12 months) but its contsntly 25.73 or 25.53 or something, checked the bill and no phone calls were charged for.. whats this extra .5 for?

    also when is the earliest i can change tarriff? i dont use any of my minutes and could just do with the cheapest internet tariff they have.


    vat increase

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    god.. so they charge you VAT on top, thought it was that, they should pay it themselves.

    why? it's a govt increase - applies across the board to vat'able products/services.

    when you can, switch to giffgaff sim for great data rates. if you get referred by a giffgaff member you get £5 free credit.

    think twice, no thrice, before entering such a long contract

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    because i entered a contract at say £20, it should be £20 for the duration. its like adding inflation, companies debt, price rise.

    and yes, i cant wait till it ends, will be giffgaff'ing it.

    doesn't work like that for taxation bud - you should know that the govt will shaft you whichever way they want!!!

    I'm also wondering if Orange allow you to lower your tariff in the last 1/2 of your contract. I know Voda/o2 do.

    You will find in the small print that you entered into a contract that was £25 at the prevailing VAT rate. It will say something along the lines of the price staying the same unless external factors e.g. VAT change where upon it could go up or (in the case of a little while back) it went down on my wife's virgin paymonthly contract that started at £8.50 a month only to increase to £8.68 a month now that VAT has gone up.

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