Orange Tree help - Gardeners needed!!!

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Found 25th Mar 2009
OK, So I bought the other half a little Orange Tree when in Homebase a couple of weeks ago and she has followed the care instructions to a "T" but all the leaves appear to be drying up and falling off.

Is this normal?? I really don't want the bloody thing to die, for a small tree is wasn't exactly cheap.

It currently sits on the Kitchen windowsill facing South Westerly so it has the sun/day light nearly all day. It gets watered as per the instructions.

Does it need a bigger pot or something or some of that plant food. The oranges are purely decorative, well I certainly don't plan on eating any.

Any advice from people who know about this sort of stuff would be greatly appreciated and make me look a hero.


I had the same problem recently, literally one half of the leaves fell off after I had the other half care for it when I went away a few days. Believe me they need LOADS of water and regular to the root or it will die!

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See now I'm confused as the care instructions says water a couple of times a week and they manage to grow in the wild with no water for months.

I'll try watering it daily and see how we get on else Homebase will probably have their first orange tree returned.

yeah I know waht you mean, but the leaves look unhealthy dont they? I dont think the instructions take into account central heating drying things out!!

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Unhealthy they do look, a light wind will blow half the leaves off!!

yep definately under watered, deluge the base - itll soak it all up but the leaves will still drop off for about two or three days after.honestly its water it needs!

For a few days I would put in a bowl of water... let it get the water it needs and then water it every day, especially if it's on a windowsill.

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ok guys, many thanks, i'll give it a whirl

How's the tree now?
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