Orange Uk customer service is a joke !!

    been trying all day just to get a blackberry pin released i have been told its done twice when infact it wasnt either times, been told to phone 156 which no longer isnt active, been hung up on, been told i will receive a phone call back and nothing .... and guess what still not done actually on hold as i type GRR !!



    sounds pretty much like any modern phone based 'customer service' to me

    the old 'we will call you back' lies

    hope you get satisfaction soon and can relax

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    Mmm it just cut out again, one time when i phoned they said there service was down, so i duno if i am getting disconnected or they are hanging up on me.

    I thought BB pins were administrated by Rim not the network? or has that changed ??

    i work for Orange Business (nothing to do with mobiles) and even with my internal contacts, still took me 3 days to get an unlock code for a blackberry! Worst part is, we share the name, but we dont get the discounts they are entitled to


    IE7 has been rolled out now, about 4 years too late though :x

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    Got it all sorted eventually after an 40 minute phone call.
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