Orange upgrade chances?

    I've been thinking of upgrading to the iphone for some time now and have been with Orange for as long as I can remember, at least 8 years I reckon. My current contract is due to expire in May 10, and I can upgrade in Feb 10.

    What are the chances of Orange allowing me to upgrade sooner to the iphone? Has anyone managed to upgrade whilst still under the initial contract phase? Any suggestions like saying I'm thinking of moving to another iphone provider once my contract is up?

    I would give them a bell but I'm just sounding out the idea first.

    Cheers all.


    i think you need to pay for the remaining contract and then u can upgrade..

    Original Poster

    Yeah I was thinking that. Suppose I'll have to wait until Feb to stay with Orange or May to move onto someone else.

    Cheers for the reply.

    Orange have allowed me to upgrade early before (admittedly not for the iphone), and have added any outstanding time on to the new contract (i.e. 3 months left, new contract would be 12 months, is now 12 + 3 = 15 months).

    Give them a call and ask - the worst they can do is say no.

    certainly worth a try ...try to speak with team leader but if u wanna get a good deal try to wait till feb 2010 its not far ..
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