Orange Upgrades - What phone will they offer on a £15pm contract

    Does anyone know what phones I will get offered by orange on a £15 pm talk plan upgrade. Due upgrade on Sunday and was wondering what phones i coild get.

    Many Thanks in advance


    hi, its just worth calling them as it depends on individual circumstance i.e. how long you have been a customer etc. Always worth haggling. If they play hardball. Ask for your PAC code

    quidco are doing a 150 cash back at the mo cancel and go back through them

    Knowing Orange.... Something like this.

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    Knowing Orange.... Something like this.

    thats my thinking too

    Just gave them a call, its for the other half, and she would quite like a blackberry and they said that the Blackberry 8120 would be free....any got any experience of this phone? He told me i would need a £5 pm blackberry add on for free email./internet access

    Blackberrys I think are a matter of taste, I have never been a fan of them myself.

    Best thing to do is get the better half to go into an Orange shop, and have a play on the ones she likes, then call them up and see what you can get.

    Call a couple of times and work your way around a few different advisors, hum and haaa and throw out comparative deals from other networks, you generally get a better deal when you sound clued up on whats about at the moment.

    i was given a nokia 5800 for free few months back,was offered a samsung pixon aswell,i just sold the 5800 for £193 and still using my old phone

    I would push for a 5800,

    My GF got a samsung Tocco on hers and I got a C902 about 5 months ago both on £15 contracts

    What you get offered depends on your spend over the last 6 months. If you've gone over your mins/texts and had to pay more than your plan amount you'll get a better offer.

    Always remember, what ever upgrades offer you, tell them no and ask for your pac code (you don't need to use it). That'll get you to retentions who have the really good offers. Even if they don't offer you what you want first time you can always call them again, if you get someone that's been there a while they'll know how to play the computer to get the best deal for you.

    Its a good idea to call on a week day between 9 and 5, there are more agents in and they can take more time with you. At the weekends their always stretched and it's more about clearing calls as fast as pos to keep the ques down...

    Good luck.

    i upgraded last month with Orange and i got Nokia 5800 for £15 per month, was offered tocco ultra but decided to go for nokia
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