Orange Upgrate Time - Which is best phone & what best you get in upgrade


I have 18 month orange contract, due for upgrade, I bought it from e2save and got all the cash back, just got call from orange that I can upgrade 3 month in advance, if I want to.

But question in mind are:

1) Which is the best phone - this phone will be for my wife, who wants to listen to music, surf the net and offcourse phone use, lightweight too - she likes my iphone- but I cant have it on orange -

2) What best can you get in upgrade offer, they offer me 10% off line rental, whihc is nothing - I am sure i had to be hard and push the boundries.

Please help me choose the phone.

Many thanks.


I'm on Orange, been with them for 3 x 18 month contracts. The last "upgrade" I did was actually after the contract ran out. (c905)I called up a week before the end, asked what they had on offer, it was pish, told them I could get better elsewhere, they were not interested.

3 days after my contract had ended, I called up to remind them of this (you have to actually tell them that you want to cancel a month before the end of your contract, so you are having to do a month's lying time, if you know what I mean, after the official end of your contract, or before if you know this) I then asked what they could offer...

I had a comparison website up in front of me, telling the guy all that I could get elsewhere...

* I ended up getting £80 in cashback from them (I bought the phone for £70 instead of free, but I got £150 back after 3 months I think it was, which I did, after I had to phone and remind them)

* I got £10 off the line rental - It was £35mth, I got it for £25

* He threw in free internet as well.

Don't back down. Have info on the phone you want in front of you, and all the other offers out there. Stick to your guns!!

Go for it. Power to the People :thumbsup:

edit. - Always been a Nokia man. But the C905 I have is the best phone I have ever had. Miles better than the N95 I owned before it

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thanks for the mssage, rep added.

Hi, I was on e2save and received all my cash back, then i called orange to cancel as i thought i could get a better deal with e2save again (1 option for you). Then they called and asked if i had listened to offers so i listened.
It seems to be the more you use the phone the better the deal you get next time as i got a deal of £20 a month on dolphin 35 which is 600min and unlimted sms and free internet (as i used this when on e2save), my girlfriend got £20p/m 400min and unlimted sms no internet! so they are quite good to reason with.
I'd ask what loyality discount are you entitled to then hear what they have to offer, also though have a list (like the other post on here says) of deals just incase they do not have what you want.

Hope this helps


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thanks for the info Sneddo16. rep addded.

can you or someone give me an best alternative to iphone on orange, please.

Thanks hardikjshah83!

I was just looking at them this morning. There is a phone that looks simlar 'Samsung Jet S8000'
however do not think it has applications of fast internet like it.
The Toshiba TG01 sounds like a powerful phone, with a processir and HSDPA.

LG GW520 also looks ok.

I would look at specs from latest phones from HTC, Nokia, Sony Ericcson, Samsung and probably Blackbury. I tend to use sites like phones4u, the link or car phone warehouse as they have good comparison pages were you can compare three or phones aginst each other at once!!!

Hope this helps

For your wife i reccomend the HTC hero, beautiful, powerfull and does everything your wife needs and more. Runs on android and alot of people think its better than the iphone, see a review here reviews.cnet.co.uk/mob…htm and the sluggishness it mentions is being fixed with a update in a month or so, but its not bad at the moment anyway. Has a massive app catalouge and only gets better

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I was thinking abt HTC Hero.. will have a look.
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