Orange Wednesday and new releases

    I was just wondering if 241 on orange wednesdays works on new releases? Planning on going to see 3D alice in wonderland tonight and was wondering if the 241 offer would work with it?


    Send private message mobile number, You can have mine. Enjoy film.

    Works on all movies.


    Works on all films - it really is as good as it sounds - theres no silly terms or exclusions - its just 2 for 1 on wednesdays.

    Yes it works no problem,

    just dont be suprised if you end up with someone sat on your lap as it WILL BE PACKED!

    Original Poster

    Thanks everyone! Rep left to all

    how do i sign up for orange wednesday please


    how do i sign up for orange wednesday please

    Get an orange sim card with some credit and text "Film" to "241" :thumbsup:

    thats a good deal! i imagine it'll be really packed though. enjoy the film!
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