Orange Wednesday noobie question...

    OK, so I'm not an Orange customer, but can I use a code if I'm given one?

    Sarcasm not required


    I've got someone on orange just text for the code then they forward the text to me and I've used it. If that helps

    yeah, should be able to, just quote it at the desk (better if you can get someone to forward you the code and you can show them it on the phone), but the answer is yes. 'Someone i know' does it regularly

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    cheers guys, now to find a code!

    the cinema are perfectly within their rights to refuse you entry if they see on your mobile that you're not an orange customer

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    In which case I'll just pay... I'm going to the cinema anyway, just trying to make it a bit cheaper!

    Yes you can I have done it before. They just ask for the code.

    A good idea also is to look out for the Free Orange Sims. If you have a phone thats not locked just top up £5 on it and use it for film discounts.
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