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    I have an Orange Pay As You Go SIM and would welcome some advice on the best package. I am a very light user and would really only use the phone for emergencies and possibly the occasional Orange Wednesday text.

    I was looking at the animal packages and thought the Racoon (light user) pack might be best, but am unsure. Also I can’t find out how long top ups last – i.e if I put £10 on does it expire after 30 days or until I use it? Any advice would be welcome.


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    Hi, Yes you would be right in saying the Racoon package, If you were planning on using more than £10 I would say one of the other plans. You can change your plan every 30 days if you wish so need to worry to much about picking the right one.
    Your top-up will last as long as you need it to, just use it once over six months to keep it active.
    Hope this helps ;-) I work for Orange lol

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