Orange Wednesdays 2 4 1 Code/ Text Please

    Anyone got an orange 2 4 1 they are not using please? I am on orange but will only let me have one code though their are 4 of us going. Just need an additional texted to my phone.
    Any helpers?


    you can set yoursefl up even if you aren't in Orange - can't remember how I did it, but I text 80241 - check the Orange website

    Oops sorry, you have to be using Orange broadband!

    Original Poster

    Anyone? thanks :whistling:

    Original Poster

    thanks guys - got one - much appreciated.
    I rarely use mine so if anyone else needs one from next week just give me a shout!


    Has anyone got an orange code for this coming Wednesday 13th May? I used to have an Orange phone but it got nicked and I haven't replaced it yet. Can't seem to find one cheap enough.

    Muchas grass without the stars!

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