Found 6th May 2009
Orange customers text FILM to 241 for a 2nd ticket (now costing 35p and not FREE)

How long does it normally take for the reply text? Sent 3 today and out of credit. It isnt worth topping up or I could pay for a ticket.

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i thought it was instant. turn youre phone off and back on. that usually works for me when my phone doesnt seem to be working.

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Begining to panic now. Wanted 3.20 showing but no chance of that now. Will try the switch off, thanx!


I think you get charged for the return text, so you are screwed if you dont have credit.

It's best to text the day before, the servers can get bogged down when everyone text's at 12:15 for the 12:30 show...
The Vue my daughter used to work at had to throw people out because they texted as they joined the q and expected the box office staff to wait while their reply came in !!

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Ah, thanx. Will remember for next time. My daughters went without me :-(
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