Orange Wednesdays

    Quick question, is there any limit to the number of free codes that can be requested and used by a single Orange user in a day? Also, is it totally free to get the code via phoning 241?


    Theres a small charge for the code-35p I think, never tried to get more than one but think its 1 per phone.

    I thought it was 35p


    i think you can only get one and i think it costs 30p... could be wrong though..................going by what someone told me ages ago

    what cinemas accept the 241 deal

    1. The promotion applies to all public paid advertised screenings, excluding premieres and other private screenings, on Wednesdays.
    2. Text tickets are redeemable only on Wednesdays during the offer period during advertised opening hours of the participating cinemas.
    3. The offer is not available when booking in advance by whatever means.
    4. Text tickets must be presented at the cinema box office when buying the cinema ticket. The lowest price cinema ticket will be issued free.
    5. The text ticket will be validated by the box office staff.
    6. Once validated, the text ticket can't be used again.
    7. There is a maximum of one text ticket per Orange customer per transaction per week. You can only use a text ticket once.
    8. You can't use this promotion in conjunction with any other offer.
    9. We cannot offer a cash alternative.
    10. We will only accept original text tickets, and not copies.
    11. The cinemas' standard terms and conditions of purchase, sale and entry apply.
    12. The free cinema ticket issued is complimentary, with zero cash value.
    13. The offer is valid until the expiry date stated on the text ticket.
    14. There is only one free admission per customer per paid cinema ticket.
    15. Seat availability is on a first come, first served basis. Admission is not guaranteed.
    16. Text ticket holders and their guests have no priority over other customers.
    17. Admissions are subject to film classifications.
    18. Text tickets are non-transferable.
    19. The offer applies to standard seats only.
    20. The free cinema ticket will be issued to the same film and session as the paid cinema ticket.
    21. Honouring of text tickets is subject to film and seat availability.
    22. Text tickets are subject to availability. Text tickets are issued on a priority basis to either active Orange mobile customers who spend over £5 per month with Orange or Orange broadband and dial up customers who have an average spend of over £5 per month with Orange and have their own mobile phone account which is able to send and receive texts. Orange may revise the terms of this promotion from time to time.
    23. To call or text 241 or 80241 is free. To receive a text ticket you'll be charged a rate of 35p per text.

    All the Odeons, but so do all the others where I live, ask/ring your local.

    As long as you don't pick up more than 2 tickets at a time how would they know.

    Just get whoever else is going with you to get the other tickets.

    Remember you do not have to be an orange customer to use the code. Get another orange customer to send off for one then forward the message to any other network phone and use that.

    VUE/Showcase accept the code too

    I've been to our local Vue with 2 phones each with a different code and got 4 tickets before now. . . .

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    Cool, thanks everyone. Give me a minute and I'll rep you all.
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