Orange Wednesdays

    Hi, if i use a code from a friends Orange Wednesday for the cinema, do i need to take the phone or can i just write down the code and present it at the cinema?


    just the code, but pretend that you reading that from your phone., but i don't think it matters anyway,

    your friend can get the code to their phone and forward it to yours if you like,but yes,you can just write it down.

    tell your friend to send you the text and then read it from your fone :-)

    i've been turned away twice for not letting them see the text msg when i have just typed the code into my phone and they've asked to see it. you would be better getting someone to forward you the text msg :thumbsup:

    When my daughter worked at Vue, she was told that to use the code they had to see it on the phone ?
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