Orange Wednesdays - Another generous soul out there?

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Found 2nd Jul 2008
BF treating me to a meal out so would be nice to save a little on the cinema tickets if anyone could PM me a code? Would be much obliged.

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Just PM'd..... enjoyo!

i dont use orange (far too expensive for my likeing!!!)

but i got a free sim card which i put £10 credit on, and just use it to get codes for cinema for myself friends and family! saves you in the long run!

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That's a brilliant idea, thanks very much

better still buy a VUE 2for1 card for 365 2for1 options from ebay. Cost my £6. Only useful if you are close to a VUe cinema


there's lots of vue cinemas :thumbsup:

direct link to your vue cinema


With the Vue card though, it's only selected fims are 2for1, isn't it?

That's how my one goes that I got from Diamond car insurance

well its basically any film that is valid on the orange wednesday one. Other wise they write up next to the Box office "Due to contractual arranegmenets we are unable to accept vouchers for xyz film till the xyz date". Its usually 2 weeks for really big films. But I dont know. I just bought mine so will keep you updated on how well it works. At £6 I just need to go once to get the value back

Or...get your VUE card free via the Sun which is what I did


Or...get your VUE card free via the Sun which is what I did

Is this offer still on?
Any kind soul have the link to the bingo card you need to fill in?
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