Orange Wednesdays - Help.

    Hi guys

    I just switched to orange mobile & got the text to inform me of the deal.
    I went on the website but its not clear.
    Can you use this offer at all cinemas?

    I have 2 odeons, a showcase & a cineworld close by.



    cineworld m8

    i have used it at my local odeon


    Odeon, Apollo, Showcase, Warner all 100% accept....

    not sure about others but I only know of 1 cinema that dont accept it, but cant remember the companies name, but its in Uttoxeter

    take your code from orange to the cinema and show it to them when booking, works most cinemas,tried it at odeon,cineworld in my town worked ok.:thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    thanks guys!

    can u just use code off fone,or do u have to show text on actual fone it came to.son got orange fone not me so wondered if i had to take his fone with me or just tell them the code when i get there? thanks
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