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    Ok, never actually used orange wednesdays offer before (I have a CEA card so get BOGOF on cinema tickets anyway!) but plan on using it tomorrow for pizza express. Mum has an orange mobile but isnt coming with us. I have printed out the voucher for pizza express/orange wednesdays. I Have a few questions

    1. What number do you send text to
    2. What message do you send
    3. Can I forward the reply message to a non-orange phone and use that as proof


    1. 241
    2. FILM
    3. Yes

    for orange wednesdays you text FILM to 241, I don't know if it's different for the pizza. you can forward it to another phone, but sometimes people can refuse it if it's not an orage phone, if you change your mums number in your phone to 'orange' tho temporarily then it will look right.

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    Thanks for the answers and good idea about changing mums mobile to say orange

    Rep on its way for both of you
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