orange wednesdays - how long does it normally take?

    I'm trying to use the Orange Wednesdays offer for the first time, I text 'film' to 241 at about 10.30 this morning and I've had nothing back!

    How long does it usually take to get a reply? Also... just a thought... my phone automatically capitalised the 'f', that shouldn't matter should it? I might try it lower case next time I'm outside the office - no signal inside



    Sometimes seconds, sometimes hours......

    its gone a bit useless actually

    caps wont matter

    Its usually instant? Dont think the capital 'f' will have made any difference.

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    Sometimes seconds, sometimes hours......its gone a bit useless … Sometimes seconds, sometimes hours......its gone a bit useless actuallycaps wont matter

    bah, hope it arrives before half 8 tonight then otherwise our lass will have to wait outside while I enjoy 'the happening'... on the plus side, more popcorn for me :thumbsup:


    Apparently its Poo!!

    Just a warning....I wanna see it though

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    trailer looks good, I've avoided reading/looking at anything else about it because I have a nasty habit of guessing the twists in M Night Shamalamadingdong's films!
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