orange will charge £1.50 for itemised bill from 1Jul2006

    this is printed on the Jul2006 bill, which says if you don't want the itemised bill, you need to respond within 10days via text BILL to 2018 or call 150.

    i don't think that is fair, and the fact that the notice period is so short. actually the free itemised bill is one of the good things of orange i tell my friends.

    can anyone advise if we could treaten for termination because they have changed the terms that i originally agreed to?

    FYI: previous change include the charge of calling 0800 numbers in Nov/Dec2005, originally free. which some people in this forum managed to get let off by complaining.


    You could give it a go. I'm not sure if you'd get let off or not...

    If you cancel it then it doesn't usually affect any cashback you have, but make sure you read T&Cs first to confirm there is no mention that it's in breach of cashback.

    As for keeping track of your calls - you can still view your itemised bill online for free, you just don't get a paper version.

    Original Poster

    thanks for your advice duck.

    i will give it a try in a couple of days time. will let you know the result.
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