Orange Your Account - can you log in?

Found 14th Feb 2012
Hi i was just wondering if its just my account but when I log in to my orange mobile account it says

Not FoundThe requested URL /sss/jfn was not found on this server.

I dont know if this is just a problem with their site or on mine if anyone could check that would be great

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Problem with them not you. Email seems to be down,
There is an issue with orange atm. Not sure how long it will take to get fixed though
thanks for confirming
It was back up at about half 11ish this morning, but it seems to have gone down again
its cack never works would sharp be on ur back if didn't pay bloody bill tho
Haven't been able to get into my orange account for over a week now. has anyone been able to get into their orange online account yet?
can't get into my orange email account as of now
getting the same error again
The requested URL /sss/jfn was not found on this server.

you would think they would email you and notify about service malfunction, this is just annoying
I haven't been able to get in for days now.

The requested URL /sss/jfn was not found on this server.

Orange are carp. This is my step-daughters account. When the contracts up I'm switching her on to Vodafone. Her mum and I are on Vodafone and I never have any issues.
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Spent an hour today trying to convince Orange to email me a copy of my bill (no a 10 day wait will not do). THE only way to access it was via my mobile - all computers and browsers give the same error message. Now just waiting and paying for it to download....
It's a bloody shambles and always has been. Whoever's running that company needs his trousers taken right down. Disgusting.
same problem, they told me to contact apple
Went into Orange shop can access my online account from there. I can also get into it from a friends house using their computer. Just a thought is it only the people who have Orange as their ISP who are having problems logging in. My friend is with BT.
Im on virgin media and i cant get into my orange account online either. I also get the requested URL/sss/jfn was not found on this server.
I tried getting in last night at home (virgin media).

Just tried at work now and it let me log in.
Same problem for me logging in to my account from Tiscali ISP & from mobile phone :-(
arg cannot access my account either and they message me back telling me to call 07973100130 which just sends me through the automated person over and over never getting me anywhere. !!
Phoned yesterday. All they will say is that they know about the problems with online accounts and they are working on it. There are no explanations as to why this has happened or whether they can fix this as it only affects some people.
Just checked my account again this is the latest message -
The service is under maintenance from Thursday 23rd February 23:35 to Fridayday 24th November 06:00. Please try again later. Hope this is a typing error.
I am brand new to this forum but had to reply, when I saw this. I have had this same message now for the last 10 days. Guess I should count myself lucky it has only just started happening, relatively speaking. There are messages, going back to 2010 confirming the SAME error message. Is this from Firefox by any chance, or is this from both Firefox and IE? I get this message on Firefox, but get a page 404 error on IE.
Following up from my earlier message, I just had an email from Orange saying that they were recently working on the account and that this seems to have occurred as a result of that action. However, given the messages I have read elsewhere, dating back to 2010, it would suggest that there is a deeper coding issue than simply a change of details on the account (I downgraded my plan). I think there computer systems dislike the idea of downgrading.

The error message I was referring to in my original post was "Not FoundThe requested URL /sss/jfn was not found on this server." Hope this clarifies things somewhat.
I have been blocked for 3 weeks. Firefox, Chrome and IE, Windows PC and Linux laptop. Interestingly the block started shortly after I filed a complaint about being charged for internet access even though I was nowhere near the 100mB monthly limit - which I can no longer monitor check and verify .
I don't think it is related, since I only started complaining when I couldn't get access. One of the responders implied that because she could get in there was not a problem. A week later I found out from their malaysian call centre that there is a known problem, which has been going on for some time. When I went back to the initial post to the responder there were numerous other replies saying much the same thing, so it was clear that this is not an islolated case. It was then that I started getting critical at the customer service at Orange. Since then I have found 2 virtual networks which will save me considerably, so I will be terminating my long term relationship with orange as soon as the minimum contract (Following upgrade last year) finishes. (Some people don't stay married as long as I have been with Orange. It is so long that they were called Hutchinson Telecom in those days. (The men who created hutchinson telecom went on to create the 3 Network, which directly competes with Orange on the 3G networks))

I considered myself a loyal customer. I think it is VERY worrying when a loyal customer feels that they have been treated so poorly that they are virtually forced to leave the network. In this instance, it will be 4 accounts, since we also run a family plan, all with Orange phones. By my reckoning, based on bills of the last 2 yrs, they will be loosing out somewhere in the region of £3,200 a year. For a personal customer, that is a lot to loose. With the same set up I have now, it will cost me £840 a year on a different network. Not bad for 4 phones and an ipad. Anyone know of better, let me know......Please. I have 6 months (ish) before making a final decision. Usually contract works out cheaper. In this instance I think PAYG will.
orange are absolute rubbish - phone 439 to get straight thru to the tech department- they dont know what the problem is..... left me hanging on listening to rubbish tunes for nearly 25 minutes! I use Firefox and IE- laptop and PC - cant connect on either but was told I would be able to by my mob. We have 4 phones on contract with Orange..... not for much longer.... rant over!
Just tried logging in using sky ISP. Doesn't work either. The only one that I have found to work is BT and the orange shop.
I do now have access to my account, but to get access they first of all changed the password, which worked, but then the site went down so, when I tried next time, the same error occurred. Then they rebuilt the account (Still ongoing) whilst they still havent completed the rebuild as yet, I do not have access but now have another error when logging out (Not supported). So, there is still an underlying issue and elements of my account are still missing (I have payg phone on same account and that is missing and it doesnt yet show my loyalty bundle). After 10 days, it is working. If you want to contact the CEO direct about this issue, suggest that you take a look at (Not connected with this at all, but found it useful in the past).I also found this Times article usefu, especially the bit about the "Save desk." You might ask to be transferred to them if you get no joy. Looks like you will though, if the you contact Olaf, although I would go through the normal channels first, keeping that one up your sleeve until you need it.
got the same issue. Change my plan, recently, and since then, i've got this error message.
Although I haven't downgraded my account, I had a very good deal, and now I got some more things and I pay 3 pounds more. Still I get the error message when trying to login
It was this, and the attitude of CS in resolving the problem that prompted me to look to move permanently to [url=http:/****/yPckVZ]giffgaff[/url] It is a payg virtual network with brilliant 30 days plans, from as low as £5 and offers free same network calls, free airtime credits for incoming calls and free calls ot 0800 numbers. The out of plan tariffs are also much cheaper than orange. 3G Network coverage is the lowest of the big 4, so if this is important to you, this may not suit you. I am trialing it whilst I am still contracted to Orange (At the £5 a month rate) and now almost all my outgoing calls are via this network. Eventually, I will port the number too.
Phoned Orange again. Now being escalated to a higher department. They now think it has something to do with IP addressess being blocked. Tried hiding mine behind a proxy and guess what got into Orange account. Couldn't get my balance or view anything there might be a problem with the actual web site. But at least I go into the site without any 404 errors. Has anybody else tried this?
I too downgraded my plan and havent been able to get into my account online with orange. Although they say all is working fine at their end. will try at work tomorrow. on Virgin at home and use firefox. but still keep getting "Not FoundThe requested URL /sss/jfn was not found on this server." and page 404 error on firefox too.. totally fed up with it.
I haven't been able to get into my account either - I talked with Orange today who said I needed to clear my cache - which I did, and restart/unplug my router - which I did. Problems still there with message "The requested URL /sss/jfn was not found on this server." I have used several different servers to no avail. Oddly enough though; I can sign into my mothers email account from my Mac?? But not my phone account.... simply want to view/pay my account - this isn't good :(( - most definitely ring back to T Mobile where my other three phone accounts are!!
Have found a way round this. I used my mobile as a modem today. Connected my phone to computer and connected to internet through phone. Got into orange mobile account no problem. Just have to watch as this can consume a lot of data.
Had email from Tech Guys at Orange today. First time hearing from them directly. They are currently actively looking at ALL issues in this thread and have already identified some of the underlying causes. A fix is not imminent as this fix might have unexpected cascade effects. However, they have promised to keep me informed and I will update accordingly.

Not the best of outcomes but does show that the problem is being actively reviewed. I hace kept pressure on by sending daily messages.
I have had the same error message, only since I switched from Bt to Orange Broadband, strangely enough, they have told me all the usual rubbish about clearing Cache ect ect, they soon shut up when I said I was well aware of computers and how they worked as I used to work for IBM as an engineer, and not to try fobbing me off. Awaiting an update at present.
Anyone tried orange account today? I can get into mine and all is working as normal. Don't know if this is just a temporary fix. Hope not.

At last I have now managed to log into my orange account :-)
After 2 weeks involving several calls to Orange (and none of the promised callbacks), my access has been restored. Signing out doesn't work, so best to clear cache/cookies when finished. Password was changed by Orange during one of the lengthy convserations, Tried to change password to something easier to remember, and error page came up. Still not right but better than before.

I can't understand why Orange couldn't just send all their subscribers a message/email to say that there was a potential problem - in 99% of cases we would just wait patiently. Instead we have to bust a gut to prove that we have not caused the problem.
Anyone else having problems getting into Orange online account again. Tried today but the usual message

"Sorry, we're having some technical issues - please try again. If there are still problems, please contact us. We'll get back to you as soon as we can."
I've managed to log into Orange online account today.
Thanks. Just checked again seems to be okay now. Still seems to be a bit of a hit or miss whether it works or not.
I can log into my account via computer but not from the Orange iPhone App! I cannot access my remaining minutes of Talk Time nor Allowance Status because of the Error Message: Sorry, we're having some technical issues - please try again. If there are still problems, please contact us. We'll get back to you as soon as we can.

I have tried in Windows 7 and XP, Ubuntu Linux and using Firefox, Chrome, Opera and IE but all display the very same Error Message.

I only signed up for a pay monthly SIM only 2 days ago and first problem of all was I couldn't create an Account, then I couldn't register the SIM. I had to phone tech support and after quite some time later that day it all got resolved. I never knew Orange were this bad as I would never have signed up with them in the first place
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