Orange,vodafone,O2 which one to choose.?

Imy contract with three expired and as I will be leaving the country in 9 months i coudnt renew it.
I currently have vodafone,orange and O2 PAYG Sim cards but I dont know which one to choose from.which is better?


do you think that having a 12 months contract will be better as i usually use more mins rather than txts.

Thank you


i have a contract fone with orange, i prefer it because you get a text message informing you if someone has tried to ring you while your phone has been turned off or if you had no signal and you can ring up and find how many mins you have left for the month easily!

Use an genie o2 PAY-G Sim, but make sure you use one of the newer free ones where they let you choose from 300 texts or 150 minutes. You say you use more minutes so that would be the best. You can still use the £10 per month credit for more minutes or texts.

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How can i activate it. I already bought a phone from the website it came up with a SIM card

i can give you an orange and vodafone and o2 sim card for £10....

that way it wont cost you too much and you can see which is the better option and which has the better network coverage when you get to your destination!

let me know what you think!

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Wow £10 only...Great Bargain..
I think you missundertood my question..
I said I already have the sim cards and I did not know which one to use in UK.
But anyway thanks for the offer
(the price is rather far fetched.)

I would think O2 would be more than helpful to get you on the right tariff just by giving them a call. Let them know you're looking to use other networks for the minutes choice.

is that a hint of sarcasm i detect? lol

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choose from 300 texts or 150 minutes

it says 100 minutes on the manual that came with the sim card each is worth one unit so its either 100 texts or 100 minutes, or 50/50
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