Orbtalk versus

    Anyone with experience of either of these two companies.

    I want either a local number or a 0844/0845 so that my customers can call me on this rather than the mobile I currently use.
    I would live a good service, reliable but not expensive.

    Orbtalk are similar to Skype and I can register a local code, skype are very limited on their dialling code regions otherwise I may have gone that route

    0844/0845 are cheap from here at £9.95 but if I want voicemail for that number its £7.99 per month

    I'd like to get away from a monthly subscription as we're a new business and I dont want to spend a fortune

    any ideas welcome

    (ps, just got my internet sorted after nearly 8 weeks of none, havent been able to take advantage of the hot deals online!!! - glad to be back)

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