1. Tes Deals

    Order cancelled for Minority Report Bluray @ Tesco :(

    Just had an email from Tesco canceling my order for Minority Report, Anyone else??


    YEP, and for The Men Who Stare @ Goats

    Hi Yes they just cancelled mine,I phoned them they told me they had sold out!!!! I explained that as it is not being released till MAY how could they sell out of goods they never had!!!apparently they can order X amount as the promotional price then the rest at normal price,I think they cocked up the advert and the price,I also ordered the Goat one with Clooney I have not yet heard back about that one but have a sneaky feeling will get a cancelled email shortly,this sort of thing happens to frequently second time this week for me,the other one was DIXONS speakers(to be expected with that bunch at DSG) they are as much use as an ashtray on a motor bike Cheers Bavis

    I figured they'd do this so I never bothered ordering. You cant be surprised though really?
    I think its poo poo about being sold out, just a cover up for their obv mis-price, numpties!
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