order status with place still on order placed...

    Hi i ordered some items yesterday afternoon on and its still on "order placed" status, wondering if this is the norm or should i call them up to see whats going on with my order?



    Some things move to "packing" quickly but some stay as showing as "order placed" for a bit longer
    Hopefully the status should move to "packing" tomorrow

    ? was the item in stock when you placed the order

    I've still got items on 'order placed' status since Sunday, maybe they are being a bit slow at the moment.

    I've had items remain on order placed for YONKS. I've had to go back in to cancel it after a few months if I've bought it elsewhere.

    if u havent bought for a while sometimes it takes a few days for them to verify your purchase (not sure why happend to me ages ago but fine since I regularly use them) and changes to packing when its checked.
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