Ordered from Ebay but delivered package was in Amazon packaging.

Found 20th Jan 2016
Ordered a shed alarm from an Ebay shop and other carrier was to deliver.Missed delivery yesterday morning and on checking email at midnight found out it was delivered to a neighbour and Ebay email notified me of that.Was surprised that it was Amazon parceled having never seen an Ebay order delivered by them is this normal for some online shops ,confused.
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Is it possible that the seller previously bought something from Amazon, didn't want to fork out extra to package your item and thus, found a cost-effective solution?

Also, I think Amazon runs an outlet store on eBay although I could be incorrect in this regard.
There are some sellers who sell both on Amazon and eBay, e.g Chitter Chatter.
So it is possible they are using the same package to send out the items.
I wouldn't worry about it as long as you got your correct order.
a lot of small companies re use packaging do they may have just re used some or even they've bought if Amazon themselves when it's been cheap and kept it in that packaging.
I've had this before. A seller I purchased from sent it in Amazon packaging. I then looked for the seller on Amazon and it was a over quid cheaper! Guess that's ebay fees for you.
Happens all the time. No problem with that
Did you check the price of the item on Amazon? He could've just ordered from Amazon and put your address as the delivery address!
Thanks all ,because offer seen on HUKD for £8.99 on Amazon with prime from different supplier found an Ebay price for £11.69 delivered as not having prime.
Just thought there warehouse delivered Amazon ordered packing,heart missed a beat till checked email that it was from Ebay ,thought some how might have paid twice.
As to alarm put in shed 30 feet away and had spare 5 volt mains plug and works ok although states 6 volt in.
Loud but only negative is that it only alarms for a few seconds.
Once again thanks all.
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I bought an Xbox headset recently off Ebay that I knew was around £7 cheaper on Amazon, but I had a voucher to use so went with them anyway.

Surprise, surprise the package that arrives is from Amazon and even had the receipt in there showing the seller purchased it as a gift for me! So yeah, I'm sure there are plenty of examples on Ebay of items being advertised at a higher price than Amazon to make a quick couple of quid for the sellers.
It's not unusual as stated above it is a variant of drop shipping.
It could also be more sinister though. Someone has hacked an Amazon account and is then selling stuff on eBay which amazon sell and then getting money for item through eBay and not having to pay for it.
I'm always selling things on eBay using Amazon recycled packaging. At the moment i probably got 10 spare empty packaging ready to reuse.
this happened to me. i normally always check amazon and eBay but missed the low amazon price due to different editions etc. bought on ebay, sent via amazon with a gift note. checked amazon price and a couple of quid lower. seller's feedback indicated this was how they run their entire shop. nothing wrong, just a bit bizarre and puzzling that it exists - if people don't check both, that's their own fault.
i just wonder whether they use automated software to price as amazon's prices change constantly
Isn't it called dropshipping
I ordered something on ebay and it came from amazon with a gift receipt inside
Then I discovered I could've bought it cheaper from amazon X)
i've sold stuff from amazon directly on ebay. as someone buys, just place order with delivery directly to them as gift. essentially a manual form of drop shipping.
imagine that's what happened here.
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