Ordered iPhone from Amazon, no phone in the box, they won't provide a refund or replacement, what can I do?

Posted 26th Jun 2016
Hi, two weeks ago on the 11th of June, I placed an order on Amazon for some items, including a new £600 iPhone 6s Plus sold by and fulfilled by Amazon. The first order arrived on Sunday the 12th, everything was fine. The iPhone arrived on the Monday, I opened the box late night. The Amazon box that it was delivered in seemed to be intact but it was one of the boxes that are able to be opened from the side flaps without tearing or damaging the box. I slid out the iPhone box; the box looked worn and used, it wasn't sealed and had been torn, it had obviously been used and tampered with. On the back of the box, there is a sticker stating "Refurbished - Grade A" which is very odd because I purchased a brand new phone? I opened the lid of the box and there was no phone inside, the accessories (manual, charging adapter, earphones) were all inside but no phone. I contacted Amazon immediately via live chat and the chat agent told me that they'd launch an investigation and update me in 48 hours. I received an email 48 hours later telling me that they had concluded their investigation and decided that the shipment was delivered to me in good condition. Long story short, I have been contacting Amazon for the past 2 weeks, on the phone to them every day but they have been no help at all, after every phone call ends they send me the same email telling me that the fulfillment center and the driver confirm that the package was intact. They told me they won't take further action without a police report, so I contacted police and they say they cannot offer me a crime report because they don't know where the phone was lost/stolen. I've emailed Amazon several times, with attached images of the boxes and telling them that I'm not going to bend over backwards for them and allow them to take my money. £600 is a lot of money, there is no way I'm paying that for a cardboard box and some earphones. What can I do? All help would be really appreciated, thanks.
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