Ordered items, they've not arrived on time - can I just reject the parcel?

Found 12th Nov 2017
Hi everyone, I ordered some birthday presents recently and had an estimated arrival date. Unfortunately there was a delay in the shipping but the company failed to tell me until the day before it was meant to be delivered (today).

I'm now in a predicament and will now need to rush out tomorrow to re-purchase these items from a physical store in time for the birthday tomorrow.

The items in question are quite heavy and will probably cost me alot to return can I just refuse/reject the parcel and have it returned that way? The postage was essentially free to me as i spent over a certain amount but can the company try to knock off any postage fees they incurred if i reject it?
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Did they offer a firm delivery date or an estimate? If just an estimate them you are on a sticky wicket. Best to contact them and explain that it was a gift or needed by a certain date and that you need to reject the item. I'm not sure how DSR's affect your situation.
No i didn't have a firm delivery date, I had an estimated delivery date and its passed that date now. I did contact them already and they didn't seem to care less it was for a birthday gift
Yes you can refuse the delivery and it'll be returned to sender
Don’t answer door.. but if you think the courier will leave in a safe place, then refuse to sign/accept delivery. They have no choice but to eventually issue refund.
answer the door and tell them your not expecting a parcel and no one of that name lives at this address

That is better than them leaving it in your wheelie bin etc
mrty and jco83 appear to be both right. I experienced something similar a few years ago. I bought some Neal's Yard Remedies from a reputable company (can't remember who) that I no longer required. I contacted the company and explained my situation to them. As jco mentioned, they told me to refuse the items and tell the person delivering them that I no longer require them. After a few days after the items where returned my account was credited with a refund.

They should refund any items refused and returned. The person delivering the items should also mark them Refused as well.

May also be a good idea not to bother explaining why you bought the items as well. Just tell them as they've not arrived on time you no longer require them.

May also be a good idea to ask the company you bought the items from how long they'll credit your account as well, then maybe check after that date just in case you need to chase it up. Hopefully you won't need to though.

Good luck.
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Yes you can however to be honest it can do you over, the parcel man then might swipe them then sign for the delivery, his van is tracked outside your property, I would rather go through there return least then you have a tracking number back to them
what company is it?
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