Ordered on eBay for Argos collection, item returned to sender, no proof?

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Posted 2nd Aug 2020
Stressed out with this as I really don't know what to do.

I ordered a part for my car on eBay early June, for Argos collection. I had just gone back to work so I ended up forgetting to collect. If I'd known about the 7 days I'd have tried harder to go get it.

Anyway... I went in, they said it had been returned to sender. I asked the sender if they'd received it and nothing. I'm now nearly 2 months and they still say unreceived.

I went back to Argos today and asked if they have any proof of sending, any return label tracking, but no. The rather unhelpful guy there just told me there's nothing he can do. I am pretty sure they should use a return label.

I'll add - I did open an eBay case but they sided with the seller. The original Argos collection number just shows ready for collection, still.

Now who is my complaint with? I feel like I'm left without my part and without my money. There is no way to prove if the seller gets the return. eBay don't have a contact number, Argos have wiped their hands...? This seems to be quite a common problem!

Any help / suggestions welcome. I'm pretty sure the T&C's cover both buyer and seller but I feel left in the dark!
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