Ordered pictures from Snapfish and we have photos from other people

    Anybody else ever had this? Happened the past two orders, there are young children in the photos, it's majorly wrong, what happens if they were fully naked?


    Quick, go turn yourself in for being a peadophile! DO NOT DELAY!

    On the other hand, you can stop using Snapfish!

    I hear nothing but bad things anyway.

    Glad you posted this in the deals section.

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    Doberman Pharaoh

    Glad you posted this in the deals section.

    Lol I'm on my mobile, didn't realise till I clicked send, thanks to the mod for moving it

    Yup, I had the same thing happen with photobox. Loads of photos (would say around 300) of 20-25yr old females partying abroad in bikinis on the beach!

    Was concerned that this meant my photos had been sent to someone else, but they said that hadnt happened, computer had just printed wrong order. Asked me to send them back (freepost) and said they would send correct ones out - actually got the order twice because first set had been done as well and was received following day

    Does make me think twice about using online printing companies (nothing wrong with my photos, I just dont like the thought of someone I dont know getting them, especially because they generally include photos of neices/nephews etc).

    I would say speak to trading standards and put in a complaint I would be so angry if pics of my kids ended up in the wrong hands.

    How do you know your photos havnt been re-printed and given to someone else as a 'wrong oder' i would be fuming.

    Ok so I've just received pictures of someone else's children with my snapfish order and when I phoned to complain the advisor in morocco says dont worry shed them this is a rare occasion, I await a call from.a manager in the UK, disgusted.
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