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    Hi the other day i ordered something from america and now parcelforce sent me a letter saying i owe them vat £11.05 and a clearance fee of £8. Is this a random figure or does it matter on what you bought the item for in the states?


    I think the £8 is Royal Mails admin fee for collecting the VAT for the Tax people.....

    who did you order from?

    DHL only charge like £1.25 for handling fee if you ever get anything from america go with them. Royal mails fee is stupid but its how much they charge.

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    fridgehead how do i pick who is going to deliver the item from the USA? Do i have any say i have never ordered anything from the USA so didnt think i had a choice.

    Most companies should let you choose, the ones I order from normally let me choose DHL or UPS. It comes down to the company.

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    k will bear that in mind it was for a pair of boots i couldnt find in the uk.

    Any item sent abroad from any country to another usually has to have a customs declaration. This consists of the type of goods and their approximate value. If the value declared too high then it can be intercepted and you will have to pay customs duty on it. It can seem to be random at times. Usually tho if the item is big/bulky there is a higher chance of it being caught.


    of course its not a random figure. VAT is 17.5% of the value of the item (plus import duty). Collection fee is fine imo.

    I would say I rarely have to pay custom fees, maybe 1 out of 5 packages get stopped by customs for me. I see it as a bonus if I budget for it and they dont charge me then im extra happy.
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