ordering from comet - order rejected

    got an email saying my order has been taken but cant be processed using my payment details. ive never had trouble online shopping before. does anyone know why this could be?



    card companies at random do this, I have had this, need to call them

    they just decide now and again it doesnt fit your purchase pattern or something

    i ordered a net book off amazon last year it was only £235 ish and the same thing happened to me, i rang the bank and they said amazon had tryed to take the payent 35 times so it flagged up on my account and they blocked my card
    amazon of course said they hadnt they tryed once and they were unable to process the payment, but if you ring the bank they should be able to tell you :thumbsup:

    I had that, was because I was ordering for dad, used his card but got it delivered in my name (same address) since i would be in to sign for it

    They said that was the problem, order again. I did, using dads name, same thing happened.

    Ended up ordering from dixons instead, got 2x topcashback from comet though!

    stupid question, but has the card expired? I have done this before lol

    Original Poster

    sorry for late replies!

    card hasnt expired so wont be that. i emailed them and they said something about being lost in the system which sounds like a load of bullocks to me. they said to try again or ring the sales line, but if i rang it i wouldnt recieve quidco so ive just left it.


    I had this, they still ringfenced the card amount though was livid, they kept saying it was lost in the system and they hadn't pre authorised it definately wasn not them they had not tried to take the money yada yada yada, I went to Dixons.
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