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Found 17th Oct 2006
Ordered the great deal from Woolies
Then saw a better deal so mailed woolies and cancelled (Sunday - soon after order placed)
Got this reply . . .

Hi there, Thank you for your email. Unfortunately we cannot cancel the order at this stage as you have been billed and the order is ready to despatch. Alternatively, upon receiving the goods, you can return it back to us and we will issue you a full refund. Kind regards MCR Adviser

This is well out of order - the goods had only just been ordered (it was Sunday!). They know it would cost more to return than the goods are worth - I think they just couldn't be bothered.

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As long as you get a full refund, don't think there's much to complain about.


similar thing happened to me when I mistakenly ordered two of the same item
I was well peeved. Woolies customer service is pants to say the least.
If you have a local store take the item there for a refund

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Thanks for the reply caroline - I didn't realise I could get a refund instore. Assumed I would have to post it back!

Woolies offer FREE store collection & returns

You'll get a full refund ...
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