Found 18th Apr 2010
Does anyone know the status of orders coming from the US to UK because of the volcanic ash disruption?

I have a book ordered and it's pretty late in arriving so I'm not sure if the company is at fault or if it's because of the volcano ash crap? thanks for the info!

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i would say it is prob delayed to it my girlfriend works for an airline that only travels between usa and uk and crew both side of the pond are stuck, i know they carry cargo so it will def affect delivery


got a email from a US company saying ,something i have coming from there is delayed because of the volcano ash

i think all airmail items are going as surfacemail

Logically thinking - which I know doesn't always apply - BUT if you ordered the item a fair while BEFORE MtVesuvious erupted.... Then, the delay wouldn't be down to the ash.

That isa contributory factor nonetheless, butafter all, if you ardered it BEFORE this event and would have expected the item to have been despatched BEFORE the event - then there you go - it IS late.

OK, so there is no way that they can get it to you any quicker now that this natural eventhas accurred, but itdoesnt extinguish (boom! boom!) the fact that, this event aside, the item should under normal circumstances have been despatched anyway - after all they have been paid!
A curteous e-mail explaining the situation should have been sentto you as well at the very least!


Most airmail from the UK is being shipped via trucks to spain where it's been flown out there. Friend works for royal mail and that's whay she told me. And vice versa

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Thanks for the info guys, highly appreciated ;), will wait until tomorrow if nothing comes I will have to contact them!
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