Organic/Natural Men's Cologne?

Found 16th Dec 2017
I'm looking for a men's cologne that's organic, I'm thinking that means without alcohol?
It's a Christmas present for someone who loves all the natural and 'healthy' stuff, he's got a beard so I don't suppose aftershave is the right thing...?!
I've tried all the googling but don't seem to be having much luck.
Any advice would be much appreciated, Merry Christmas all my fellow HUKDer's.
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Arabian oud is alcohol free but expensive. Lush do some really nice vegan ones but may have alcohol, have a look
Thank you, yes the Oud is very nice but a bit pricey, didn't realise it was alcohol free but makes sense thinking about it.
Hello, I'm an ambassador for totem wolf, we are from Manchester and make beard products all natural, we have a scent called 79 and its absolutely gorgeous.

You could get it him in a beard oil, or if you was looking for a aftershave let me know and we can hand make him it as a perfume both are exquisite using code OK25 will give you 25% off also
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