Found 6th Oct 2016
My Son has a large collection of Lego but said this evening the reason for not using it often is the fact it's all jumbled up together. If any of you store yours in individual colours can you let me have some ideas on what to buy to separate them all. I was thinking plastic tubs from somewhere like poundland but don't think they would sell them big enough?

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Have a look at the Wilko website here.

Stacking drawers seem a popular way...from a hobby shop.

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Have a look at the Wilko website here.

Ooh thanks and look like there are lots on offer.

Try the Rainbow coloured tower of plastic drawers in The Range. 11 drawers high are £39.99p and are on wheels. designed for crafters but have spoke to people who use them for Lego....

These are cheapest in Range as I have just sourced them

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Wow thanks all. I don't think my ocd has quite gone, I just want to buy them tonight and put them all in with the correct colours lol.

loads of storage ideas on pintrest if you search for lego storage...we have the trofast shelves on wheels from ikea, and different coloured trays. works great

have a look at lego storage ideas on pintrest. we have the trofast shelves from ikea, on wheels with different coloured trays. works great

use a craft box or wilkinsons sell there own lego storage box
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