(Original) Linx 10 Digitizer Cracked, Where To Source Another Cheaply?

    I broke my Linx 10 a few weeks back I had a Pipo W1 tempered glass protector, but alas, the digitizer was cracked underneath, too.

    Is there anywhere I could get a replacement digitizer for a reasonable price? I'm trying to figure out which "other names" I could use as search terms on Aliexpress. Cube iwork 10 and Shenker Element 10.1 are two others. Though I can see from a cached Linxtablet page that buying "other name" digitizers is a gamble as some come with different connectors.

    Otherwise I guess I'll just have to Gumtree, or give away my charger, keyboard and dead tablet!



    cheapest i've seen original digitizer is on ebay about £35 oO last one that price,also a pain in the ass to remove broken one and install new…051?hash=item2ef3c1d0fb:g:Pt8AAOSwFdtXx4-9

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    Yeah, I saw that one on ebay, too much really. Thanks anyway

    Unfortunately these cheap tablets are rarely worth repairing! Had one break myself and it was like £40 and a load of work to fix an £80 (at new) maybe worth about £60 used, tablet. I'd suggest maybe selling yours on ebay as spares and buying a new one, would probably be cheaper than fixing yours.

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    Thanks everyone Think these tablets are a little fragile - a few weeks previously I'd managed to break the power button (makes me sound really careless but my biggest mistake was taking the cover I had on my Linx off and simply wrapping the new keyboard I had around it (not the Linx origami one but a similar one). Made it much more vulnerable to knocks.

    My sis broke her Linx 7 (well, Connect 7) power button after a few months' use too.

    Probably better just putting it out there as spares or repair.
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    I'm in Glasgow, not China
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