Original Xbox

    Just wondering if there is anythin i could do to my old xbox because its just sitting there and i was thinking if i would be able to use it for anythin more advanced..

    For example like a little media center and would i be able to connect to to laptop using a ethernet then connect to my wireless router using the laptop's wireless ?


    There a plenty of softmod/media center guides just type into google


    Well you can connect to your laptop using a cross-over cable, and I think you can stream the videos somehow not so sure I know there's other people on here who know much more.

    that XBOX is so underused if its just sitting there
    try this link for starters:…595
    its an excellent resource for starting out/advanced XBOX shenanigans.
    to get started - you will need access to a soft mod kit. there are other ways but for advanced use only. the above link will get you the software files to softmod but you will still need the soft modding kit.
    read about on it - you'll be amazed what can be done with it
    try this for starters:
    good luck

    bedside table?

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