Found 17th Dec 2016
I bought an Xbox One for my children for Xmas and a friend gave my wife some games he didn't use anymore, it turns out they are for the original Xbox, is there any worth in them? I have about 8 including Halo 2 and Riddick.


Sadly no. Maybe a quid each!

Not worth much Del, Probably best to give them to Rodders on Christmas. Cushti.

Stick em away they can only go up in price lol

Check on cex for prices mate


Stick em away they can only go up in price lol

I doubt that very much, and if they did, only by a few quid

Put them on here. I'm always on the look iut for retro goodness and so are a few other collectors.

my old n64 games are worth upwards of 30 quid each, id keep them in a cupboard somewhere - in 30 years time they will be worth something if in good condition.

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I was considering CEX, maybe trade them in towards another game.
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