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Going away for 3weeks looking like it'll be cheaper to eat out than cook in the villa, can anyone recommend lots of good value diners/restaurants, apart from the norm mcds, pizza hut etc, etc? We've been told steak & shake, sweet tomatoes, cicis, to mention a few are good if anyone can add it would be greatly appreciated.

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Actually it is cheaper to eat in,eating in restaurants is expensive because of all the taxes and gratuity so that are added on to the bill

We use Olive Garden for Italian and for steaks either Outback Steakhouse or Longhorn Steakhouse.

do a mix also look out for vouchers to most restaurants

pick up a voucher booklet whilst out and about, they usually contain a voucher for every eating establishment within a few mile radius, various discounts available, some good, some not. Ponderosa is good if you're really hungry as they do a mixed buffet and some days its less than $5

It's always worth keeping some food in too. What we normally do in Florida is have one day parks followed by one day shopping :-) In general all places are decent for food except in the malls but remember to tip well 20%

Make sure you get to the beach too !

Chillis, Buffalo Wild Wings, Bahamas breeze and Alehouse were my evening haunts when I lived there. Good cheap fast food I'd recommend Panera bread, five guys, qdoba, earl of sandwich and Steak 'n Shake. Have a great time!!

For all you can eat buffet style eateries I'd recommend Ponderosa.
Or Denny's where you order your main meal (usually steak or chicken and choice of potato) at the till when you go in and then get the rest of the buffet for free. Books containing vouchers to restaurants or attractions are freely available at the entrance. Look through the books for a voucher before you place your order.
I usually use these for the all you can eat breakfasts on the way to the attractions which will fill you up for the whole day.
Don't forget free drinks refills are the norm in the US?
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Manny's Chophouse is brilliant for steak and salad bowl. Excellent value.
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If you're away for 3 weeks you might start to get a bit fed up with eating out constantly so I wouldn't rule out cooking in your villa, after all having cooking facilities is one of the good things about having a villa. There is an excellent choice of supermarkets including Walmart and Target, you'll be able to pick up ingredients for reasonable prices with no bother.

For eating out you have already got some decent ideas in mind, here's my opinion:

Golden Corral - this is a buffet restaurant, the food is excellent and is always hot - they serve lunch from 11:00 - 16:00 for $8.69 each, dinner from 16:00 - close is $13.99 each and refillable soft drinks are $2.39 each

Steak 'n Shake - you already mentioned this one, they have a very good choice of meals for $3.99 such as burgers and fries etc, their milkshakes are incredible and are even better between 14:00 and 17:00 Monday to Friday as all drinks and shakes are half price

Dennys - this is a 24 hour diner, I love this place as I can get breakfast here at 10pm if I want, they have a really good menu

Cheers - this is a sports bar but they do excellent chicken wings, they do a daily happy hour from 11:00 - 20:00 which includes some draft beers such as Miller for $2 a pint, they have $0.50 wings on from 15:00 - 19:00 every day, their wings are incredible and you can get your wings tossed in a variety of sauces according to your own taste

Applebees - another one of my favourite restaurants to go to, they do some cracking deals as well including their 2 for $20 deal which includes a starter such as boneless wings and 2 appetisers which includes things like chicken tenders, sirloin stir fry etc

Wendys - while this is a fast food place we don't have them in the UK so they are a nice treat, I actually prefer them to some of the fast food restaurants I've been in before

You will pick up a lot of ideas as you go along, there will be some restaurants that will catch your eye and you'll just want to try them

Do bear in mind that the prices you see do not include 6% sales tax which will be added onto the bill and then of course you have to filter in a tip as well, the servers do try their best for you to get a good tip so it is something you do need to do

Have a good trip!

sweet tomatoes is a chain restaurant with visiting. it has salads, soups, pizza etc as all inclusive. a delightful change to the meat based restaurants.

having said that Tony Roma's is fantastic. very good value and lovely baby back rib and steak platter. the codes are very generous. I nearly died trying to eat two courses..

steak houses are popular and I went to Charlie's steak house which is quite high end. not impressed, thought Tony Roma's was better and half the price.

IHOP, international House of pancakes is great for breakfast or any meal during the day. very much like a 50s diner you see on US TV. dirt cheap but quality food. you won't leave hungry.

ponderosa has been mentioned and it used to be really cheap, less than 2 bucks, for eat all you can breakfast but last time I went I felt it was a bit low rent. great if you want fruit, meat, every type of egg, ice cream, chocolate fountain etc in one meal but not as cheap as it used to be.

finally, Walmart is amazing. I use the one by medieval times - it's hilariously large. they have massive ranges of everything e.g 12 different types of Philadelphia cream cheese and an aisle of ice cream. I think there is a McDonald's inside the store. bonkers.

Sweet Tomato is amazing. after two weeks of salt and sugar you just crave fruit and veg!

Cracker Barrel is excellent as well for breakfast and dinner.

Olive Garden do take out which is very good and a lot cheaper than you'd expect. they also give you cutlery, plates, bowls etc.

Sign up to offers online. I got a great offer a few years back at sweet tomatoes buy one meal get 2 free also lots of discounts and freebies if its your um birthday while there. Never had any problems using vouchers and coupons at all.
Look on DIBB, Mousesavers etc for tips. Have a great time.

Red Robin is a brilliant new restaurant too, great burgers.

cheaper to cook it's not cheap in Orlando anymore lol
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