Orlando Nov '09 2 weeks + car

    Looking for a great deal for one person, return Orlando End Nov 2009, 2 weeks including I2 intermediate car, from Manchester. No accommodation etc = fly drive.

    Best I can find so far is £650 with Virgin.


    You're probably better booking separate. I'm always looking for deals to Orlando (kinda-gf out there) and the cheapest I find generally is.

    Book flights with…do/
    Book car rental with [url][/url]

    But do check expedia (& virgin as you've already done) to guage other prices.

    Also, DO make sure you have your first night booked and an address of where you are staying because US Customs won't let you into the country if not. Probably a good idea to make sure it is local(ish) to.

    Virgin tend to drop their prices about a month before travel and its cheaper to fly on a week day. Their planes from MAN however are the old kind, and are the worse of their transatlantic fleet, its not worth paying extra for them as they are generally worse than cheaper airlines even. If its easy enough to get to a London airport, consider that.

    Netflights, Virgin & Expedia all do quidco to.

    Original Poster

    Thanks geeadamg,

    I can't find a better deal through those links but I should find out how to use Quidco.

    Last time I went on a fly drive there, they said they wouldn't admit me because I hadn't got the first night booked, but I said I was on a fly drive and eventually they let me in.

    It's £40 more to fly on a weekend from Manchester with Virgin. Getting to London would add at least £120 to my travel.

    I suppose I'm asking if anyone's come across any special deals.

    Thanks again
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