Orvibo Wiwo S20 safety recall dangerous

    Was in two minds to sell my 2 x Orvibo Wiwo S20's so decided to sell the sealed one but when I put it on ebay it came back with a EU safety recall, a dangerous one at that so if you have any see below. This is for the UK/EU plug and even though there are sellers on ebay still listing them they are outside the UK but still offer UK plugs as does gearbest etc. the way I read it its mainly for items that need to be earthed. i.e. EU 2 pin plugs so not sure why ebay blocked me listing it as its 3 pin UK, maybe the EU just banned the whole lot across europe?.

    Risk type: Electric shock
    The shape of the socket is not correct: when a plug is inserted the live pins of the plug are accessible. Appliances which should be earthed can be connected to the socket but the socket itself is not earthed. The product does not comply with the requirements of the Radio Equipment and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment Directive.

    Measures ordered by public authorities: Ban on the marketing of the product and any accompanying measures, Recall of the product from end users

    Alert number: A12/1577/15


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