Found 4th Dec 2008
Absolutely loved this when I went to the U.s - can anyone tell me where it's sold in the U.K?

Tried contacting CONagra foods in Manchester - no joy with their phone - not sure they still exist.

Please help!!
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costco, i think morrissons do this one as well ? x
Our Sainsbury's Local used to sell it too, haven't seen it for a while (but haven't been looking for it either!!)
wow, those were speedy responses! thank you!
tried Morrisons, Asda,Tesco and Sainsburys, no joy, don't think they stock it anymore.
Will have a look in Costco. Such a shame, because the movie theatre butter one is deeeelicious!
Co-Op does them (or did)
I bought a box yesterday in the 99p shop!
3 sachets of the sweet and salty one!

Other than that we usually buy it in asda. My hubby loves the stuff!
my Co-op local does them(I'll check soon) - I got some of the sweet butter (or is it honey butter) in the cupboard.

OMG the smell is sooooo strong - lingers for a day lol.

Good stuff
Brought two large boxes home from America for my sister in law, to find it the following day in my local morrisons. bought some last week so they do stock it?
can you tell me where you are Lisat?
I am based in North London and have looked in all branches of morrisons - no joy
got some from home bargains but it was a while ago.x
Costco definitely sells it - there are about 18 packets in the box i think. I have a box of it in my kitchen, bought from Costco not long ago so I know for sure Costco, Leeds stock it
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