other than auto trader and ebay what else is there

    i'm looking for a car on the net


    gumtree maybe..

    pistonheads and gumtree

    I use & (as mentioned above) & have previously contacted sellers via the listings at […php ]. is also an option.

    Additionally there is always Google either searching for specific cars you are interested in & include the criteria of "for sale" or "dealer".

    Plenty of new & pre-owned (part-exchanged) vehicle dealers across the UK, as well as the "car supermarkets" & sole traders that buy/sell as a hobby.



    car supermarkets or try some of the bigger companies, i got a c-max from evans halshaw at preston ( i admit they priced it £2k to cheap but haggled and got it for price advertised eventually) and one for the father-in-law from tc harrisons derby ( this site was massive)


    Pistonheads, as the petrolheads tend to advertise on there, you know the types that are obsessive about the care and attention they lavish on their cars, its where I found the wifes Zed, the guy had two a4 lever arch files full of receipts and other info, he looked like he was going to burst into tears as I drove off.


    You never came back to your other thread.....why didn't you claim on insurance for the crash you had?
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