Our favourite songs...

    What are your favourite songs? I'm just tryingto get some good ideas for my iPod's playlist... songs I like listening to but which you never actually remember when it comes to your list of favourites lol.


    I love the Queen songs, and at the moment my chart-trio are Grace Kelly, I Luv You and Same Jeans...


    EDIT: Just realised the use of a second thumbs-up there looks slightly stupid to say the least.


    Stuck in the middle with you by Steelers Wheelers

    I like all 60's music, and thats coming from a 23 year old! I was brough u with it.
    You gotta have some 60's on there ducky!

    They change from day to day but my sig song it top of my list.
    The Beatles will always be my favourites and I too like most of the Queen songs and Abba too.
    Some of my most played on iTunes are:
    Real Love- The Beatles
    Free as a Bird- The Beatles
    Beautiful-Christina Aquilera.
    All about You - McFLy
    Into the Great Wide Open -Tom Petty
    Penny Lane - The Beatles
    Amerillo- Tony Christie
    I want love-Elton John
    Pink - Aerosmith
    One Day I'll Fly Away- Nicole Lidman
    Come What May- Nicole Kidman & Ewan McGregor
    No More "I love you's' - Annie Lennox
    Mr Blue Sky- ELO
    Nobody does it better- Carly Simon

    I could go on.........:)


    I like all 60's music, and thats coming from a 23 year old! I was brough … I like all 60's music, and thats coming from a 23 year old! I was brough u with it.You gotta have some 60's on there ducky!

    Lol 19 year old here with the same view!

    There are too many songs to list, I filled my ipod (4gb) within hours just by going through my cds

    Original Poster

    Yay. I love the "Long Medley" from the end of the Abbey Road Album. The one with Golden Slumbers/Carry that Weight/The End in it.

    Incidentally, I've not seen "Happy Feet" but I've just looked and seen that the Long Medley was featured in that. ;-)

    essential music for anyone's collection

    simon and garfunkul greatest hits...all good songs
    mammas and papas greatest hits
    queen...goes without saying,everyone has a favourite queen track,Innuendo for me is a top tune,though they are all great.
    abba...brought up on abba,have everything they have ever done,mamma mia the most perfect pop tune ever recorded imo.
    Bob Marley 'legend',but my personal favourite marley tunes 'Mr Brown' and 'Redemption song'
    Cat Stevens greatest hits
    The Clash
    classic rock tunes..Blue oyster cult's 'Don't fear the reaper' and Boston's 'More than a feeling'

    My current fave listens at the moment are Muse's latest album black holes and revelations,David Gray 'white ladder',still cannot fault this album i never skip a track even now 3 years on it is a great album,Ray Lamontagne and Trouble,boy that guy gives me goosebumps!Anything by REM my fave band ever!!

    Jeeze i could go on and on..........:-D

    The Greatest Love of All - George Benson...bit of an anthem if your self esteem is a bit low.
    She makes my day - Robert Palmer
    Stars - Simply Red
    More than words - Extreme

    One that always comes to mind when someone mentions favourite songs is
    Relax - Frankie goes to Hollywood.:)

    Just fill your ipod with Hendrix, Led Zeppelin,Cream, Bob Dylan (up to and including Blood On The Tracks), Neil Young, Joni Mitchell and add the best of Laura Nyro and some Jeff Buckley.....there that's a start.

    The Divynals...When i think about you i touch myself.

    I like Nieve by the kooks at the moment too.

    Oh and songs by the Killers

    Wake Up Everybody.......Harold Melvin & The Bluenotes
    Find The River.........REM
    You Couldn't Get Arrested......Green On Red
    My Vietnam.......Pink
    Walk On The Wild Side.........Lou Reed
    Ziggy Stardust..........Bauhaus
    Papa Was A Rollin' Stone........Temptations
    Won't Get Fooled Again.......The Who
    Smells Like Teen Spirit.......Nirvana
    Try A Little Tenderness.....Otis Redding
    Caravan Of Love....The Isley Brothers
    Running Down A Dream.......Tom Petty
    I Will Survive.........Cake
    From Hank To Hendrix.......Neil Young
    Anything from the album "Across The Borderline" by Willie Nelson
    Broken Arrow......Robbie Robertson (in fact any track from his 1st album)

    This is way too hard to do, it actually hurts my head ! I'll be here all night........................

    anything by Queen and Ian Dury then again Madness. I'm 21 and enjoy music from the late 70's 80's before my time I know but thats what I call real music unlike most of todays junk, all that seems is who can shout the loudest and sware the most. :lazy:
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