Out Now - Songs From Final Fantasy XV (By Florence + The Machine)

    Songs From Final Fantasy XV EP by the superb Florence + The Machine is out right now.

    Three songs in total, and although the official theme is "Stand By Me" the best song on the EP is "Too Much Is Never Enough"

    Already had it on repeat several times now. That track is F+TM at their usual best, it is. What is surprising is "Too Much Is Never Enough" is thematically and lyrically related to the game. Not overtly so, thankfully. Seems like SE gave F+TM the go ahead with 100% creative freedom. As such, it's what you expect from F+TM yet it totally fits the game.

    The other track "I Will Be" also fits the game really well. I can already see it being the perfect song to play when exploring those vast open areas featured in the game.

    Anyway, it's out now on Google Play, iTunes, and Spotify.

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    Oh, yesssss.
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