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    Out of contract with TalkTalk

    Hi all

    Just call Talk Talk, as I have been out of contract with them for some time now. I said I was ok with th eservice, and would like to continue with a new 12 month contract, but what can they do. so they gave me: -

    - Faster speed on broadband (as I am on a talk talk phicical line, rather than a BT phone line). My download speed check showed over 5MB, which was 2MB higher than I had.
    - Glober saver bolt-on, which gives me cheaper calls to international destinations
    - Africa/ Asia bolt-on - giving me free 100min of calls to numbers in this bolt-on
    - £2.00 off per month for the next 12 months - bringing my monthly bill down to £16.48
    - Free wireless Belkin router (G rated)

    Not bad for a service i was going to stay with anyway.

    Hope this helps.


    Well I was offered half price line rental for two months when they phoned me. Worked out to a massive £6.49 discount if I signed into a new 24 month contract.

    i refused to budge from my tiscali service (which talk talk took over) - £15.99 per month 8mb download speed - unlimited downloads, all calls national & local 24/7, line rental, 12 free oversees countries to phone landlines or mobiles.
    still - their customer service is poor and they tag your line.
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