Out of date flamedeer pop up.

    Ok so like thousands of others I won nothing on the flamedeer competition.

    How long will I keep getting the flamedeer popping up with nothing in?

    Talk about rubbing your face in it!


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    And a 3rd in 5 mins has just popped up. How annoying!

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    make that 4th!

    Oh has it finished? I thought mine were broken

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    Make that 4th!

    I've had more after the event than during
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    6 here in last 2hrs

    I've had 5 now. P**sing me off

    glad it's not just me. thought the app was knackered again but getting them on the Web as well.
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    ive had 3 in the last hour too !

    It's almost as annoying as the same thread about the same subject being posted over and over again.

    oh its finished, never win anyway haha

    Been getting them ever since it finnished,getting annoying now!!
    HUCKD please please sort it out,agree with markpj777 its rubbing our faces in it....

    had 3 in the last hour......Grrrr

    Is it over? When you talk about flamedeer they always turn up.

    I never had 1 throughout the whole competition!!

    There was a way to turn them off when the competition was running..... but I can't find it now.

    I'm getting tired of it now.

    And still going on

    anyone found a way to turn them off yet?

    Still sick of this on my phone.
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