Out of interest...

    What do you all do for a living? I come on the board quite a lot but that's because I'm a student and have time to. Just wondering who you all are?



    I'm a computer Systems tester for a Wholesale Dealing and Foreign Exchange company

    i keep breaking them and the developers fix it while i look for some freebies

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    Hmmmm..sounds interesting!?! Well at least your not writing a 3000 word essay on the NHS. urgh!

    it is interesting bur also very repetitive :lol:

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    Hmmm well clearly everyone else is very secretive about what they do for a living! :?

    That's because we're all rabid deal hunting computer nerds stuck behind a desk

    I'm a student actually...

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    Hi Paul- that would explain your number of posts! What are u a student in and which uni?

    Student here also

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    Student here also

    Any more info? Which uni, what course etc?

    LOL Sorry,

    Im studying Electronic Engineering at Loughborough Uni -- first year.

    Im assuming Leeds Uni? Medicine? (NHS Hint and that Leeds is strong in medicine related i think?)

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    Close but wrong! I do dietetics at Leeds Met! :P


    Hi Paul- that would explain your number of posts! What are u a student in … Hi Paul- that would explain your number of posts! What are u a student in and which uni?

    I"m at University of Sheffield doing graduate studies...

    Bump up to the top for all our new members

    oops and myself...I'm a graphic designer in Sheffield

    I'm a mum of 4 every day, a playleader at a nursery in the mornings, glorified baby sitter for my working friends kids in the afternoons and after school,
    evenings I am a volenteer at a local hall for youth's doing fun clubs, kids clubs and kids cookery class'.

    at weekends i work for sky tv.

    My hubby is a student like most of you. he is soooo cute in his short trousers. Hee hee. (thats only funny if you have seen my hubby coz he is a 6ft 5in, 22stone american football player.)

    fizzie :lol:

    I just graduated from the University of Nottingham doing computers. Now I'm doing a post-grad course at Aston.

    I am currently evaluating new opportunities :P

    i'm a student too

    Welcome here cat_claws

    I'm supposed to be in charge of 150,000 or so wild animals.

    Other people would describe me as a beekeeper but no-one's told my bees that they need to be 'kept' - they've got an 80-million-year head start on us jumped-up ape creatures and they've managed pretty well without beekeepers all that while!

    wow I think you've got the most interesting job posted here so far! So what is the official title for a beekeeper? An apiaist?

    ... Umm... we're usually just called beekeepers ...

    But yes, you're right about 'apiarist'. Never heard it used, though. It's bad enough trying to explain what an apiary is (no, no apes, sorry :roll: )

    [PS sorry for long delay in replying!)

    hehe I'm imagining a hive full of honey producing apes Do you sell the honey locally or can we buy it online?

    Full time mom of 4, part time avon rep not very exciting but keeps me busy !!!

    Looking for work i can do from home for the next year or so until all the kids are at school full time
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