Out of this world - Tv Series

    After seeing dogtanian on the posts...

    Can anyone remember out of this world - starring evie garland.....

    I used to love that programme - shame they never released this on dvd.

    Evei being 1/2 alian, 1/2 human.....



    I was talking about this the other day, we had to look up the theme tune. I see there is an on-line petition for people trying to get them release it on DVD.

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    Yes I found this but its out of date/very old....

    They do have a clip though:…ch=


    Did you ever used to watch Eerie Indiana? Although I was an adult when I watched this, it was great chill out tv at the weekend.

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    watched about 2 epsisodes - it was ok from what i remember.... wasnt it on around tea time on c4?
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