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Found 23rd Mar 2010
Going up early to watch aston villa tomorow and was looking for ideas on things to do up there, are there any out of town shopping places anywhere near etc ?
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depends how far. Merry Hill is the largest one , but Fort Shopping Centre is the closest
Bullring is in the middle of Brum, but its got 3 good car parks with fairly easy access in and out of the selfridges car park - and not far to the ground up the expressway.

Fort is OK, but fairly dull shops etc.

Merry Hill is the obvious, but a fair way away in terms of time because the entire place seems full of traffic lights :@
yeah, Fort is right by there, about 5 min drive.Merry Hill is about 20 mins away.

There's also Costco nearby, if you are a member.

Get to the pub :thumbsup:
agbonlahor and dunne are doubts

agbonlahor and dunne are doubts

Dunne was always a doubt thats why we sold him :thumbsup:
How far is the bullring from the stadium and which one is better merryhill or bullring? And how much is parking in all 3 shopping centres ?
Merry Hill and Fort are free parking - not sure how much at Bullring. Arguably more shop choice at Merry Hill, but it is furthest away. I would reckon at least 30 mins away because of traffic etc.
Just looked on rac route planner and it says bullring is less then 4 miles from villa park and merryhil is nearly 14 miles away.
Is that right ?
Bullring (all in doors) is a big shopping centre in Birmingham city centre, so you have all of the city to look around as well. Merry Hill is in the Black Country and all in doors and has all the usual shops (could spend a couple of hours here easily).

Bullring to the Villa ground is about 2.5 miles, Merry Hill is about 13/14 miles away but traffic will be bad later in the day on this route.
Parking = Merry hill free, Birmingham normal city centre prices

Arguably more shop choice at Merry Hill

Only if you compare Merry Hill to the Bullring... don't forget Brum has also got the Pallasdes, Pavillions and mailbox shopping centres all within walking distance of the Bullring plus hundreds of outdoor shops.... Birmingham compared to merry hill = no contest
Bullring is 3.0 miles - 10 mins. Parking expect to pay £1.50 to £2 an hour

Merry Hill is 18.7 - 31 mins with Free Parking

Bullring has a lot of your high end shops in, Selfridges, Debenhams etc, similar to Trafford Centre. Merry Hill tends to be the more normal shopping centre shops
Even from the M5 it seems to take years to get to merry hill - though obviously you got loads of shops.

Birmingham is a great city to get to by car - you can park under bullring, but its usually full, or at selfridges, and go over the crazy bridge into bullring. once in bullring, you are connected immediately to the city centre itself, which shopping wise goes on an on and on upto the library and events place.

Personally, in my opinion, if you have time, get on into birmingham. i like it

There is a car park in Pershore St (near the silver blades ice rink) which is only about £2 for 3 hours. 2 or 3 min walk to bullring through the markets.
If you've never been to the Bullring then deffo worth a look. Parking should be ok midweek & only a about 3 miles to Villa Park. Have a good day & lets hope we get the right result. :thumbsup:
if i was you i would go bullring. or just birmingham city centre in general and then to the match! its only a 10mins bus ride to the stadium or a 10min drive from the city centre. may as well make a day of it! see u at the match
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