Found 6th May 2008
Does anyone know the cheapest place for an outback/outback style gas bbq (trolley style ones)

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Australia ?
clearancebuys are one of the cheapest. Plus the newer spectrum range come with ceramic bricks (I think?) which are supposed to be better.

I've been looking myself but I think I'll go with the charcoal range with a hood. Gas are ok, but after reading the which reports on gas bbqs, they are actaully more fuss than charcoal.

they are actaully more fuss than charcoal

I've had both and can't really see how this is the case. Unless they mean because charcoal is such a pain in the butt you never bother using it so it's less fuss overall.


This seems like a good deal if you don't mind not having a lid. 3 burner for £99 delivered.
Anyone think having a lid is necessary?

Anyone think having a lid is necessary?

The lid is for roasting only its the same as a oven so if you dont want to roast you do not need a lid.
I bought this in the end ]http//ww…er/ Much cheaper than anywhere else I could find and last years model gets glowign reports on which.
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